Top Practices for a Smart Crypto-Investment

Two Best Practices For A Smart Crypto-Investment It is no longer news a lot of millionaires have emerged from trading and storing cryptocurrencies in the world today.  With just $100, investing in the right cryptocurrency can make you a millionaire in just a couple of years. Don’t be too excited, cryptocurrency is very complex and […]

Ripple and Seagate Become Partners?

Surge in Seagate stock as rumors of investment in Ripple emerge   Seagate, the computer drive manufacturer is rumored to be the latest entry to the crypto-tech league of companies. This is after details emerged from a 2016 report indicating the company participated in both rounds of funding for Ripple, the third largest cryptocurrency.   […]

5 Requirements of New York’s Bitlicense

BitLicense: Guidance Notes Virtual currency regulation within the United States began in March 2013, where it was determined money exchangers must implement the same anti-money laundering controls and monitoring requirements as stipulated by both the Bank Secrecy Act and the Money Laundering Act. This essentially put pressure on intermediaries to carry out enhanced customer due […]

Ripple Did What?

Here is What is Happening at Ripple Some prominent Ripple contemporaries have had their glorious moment in the spotlight. Now, Ripple, aka XRP, is the real deal. There are good reasons all investing eyes are on it. Here are some of the latest developments at Ripple:   XRP’s Value Has Spiked The digital currency’s value […]