Eclii Ventures | Philosophy

Our Approach

Team first. We become integral components of the business.

We believe in cognitive analysis, and we leave no stone unturned. We tirelessly work to achieve the goals set forth in our engagement.

Every business has a beginning, and this is where you talk about yours. People need to know the purpose – the passion –  leading to your value creation. Tell us the roots – people need to know.

Cohesive Unit

Businesses are nothing without their dedicated employees. Those groups are instrumental to growth, scale and success. Every employee has a voice. Every employee has value. From the last employee to the first founder. We become part of the team. We learn from that employee and that founder. Perspective and context drive value – and, more importantly, growth.

Iterative Growth Progress

  • Year 1
  • Year 1

No Magic, Just Hard Work

Cyclical growth takes time, there’s no easy fix. Commitment to the solution and the jointly conceived business plan requires time. 


We run Eclii Ventures with the betterment of societal change, free of prejudice, free of discrimination, free of harassment. That philosophy carries into our work product. We are minority owned, and female managed.


We volunteer with organizations, governments and nonprofits. We participate in our clients’ mission statements. The fabric of your culture is the fabric of our culture. It is our privilege to be able to help them solve their most difficult problems.

Weak links in the chain need purpose, empowerment and acceptance. While passionate about business and community shaping, personalities need nurturement. We facilitate acceptance and growth at local and national levels.

We believe pro bono work enhances our experience. We support organizations for social good. We grow our communities – and yours. Our involvement is not superficial, we bring high-quality pro bono work with the distinctive standards expected of us.

Strategic Thinkers

Our core mission is to help our clients. We want to grow with you, and we support you to make long-lasting improvement to business and financial returns. By doing that, we grow your brand and contribution to society. That value will drive the economic engine of your business.


Driven By Success

We’ve experienced failure. We’ve toasted to success. Our collaborative and iterative consulting process champions the consequences of our experiences. We lose by not delivering results. Yet, something appearing crystal clear to you may .