Qudos Technologies, an Eclii Ventures’ Portfolio Company, Prepares for Beta Launch of Revolutionary Ride-Sharing Technology

Eclii Ventures is a leading advisory firm with seasoned professionals focused on strategic disciplines. 

After acquiring a significant equity stake in Qudos Technologies, Inc., Eclii Ventures has positioned Qudos for its Beta launch in the New York metropolitan area for its revolutionary ride-sharing technology. 

As we prepare, Bernie Burns, the CEO of Qudos Technologies and a Founder and Managing Directors of Eclii Ventures, says: “We’re so thrilled to have taken the helm at Qudos Technologies and bringing it to the tipping point of changing how we view retail transportation for urban, suburban and rural areas – throughout the world.” 

Jack Trama, the Chief Operating Officer and Director of Investor Relations at Qudos Technologies and a Founder and Managing Director of Eclii Ventures urges “the world to stay tuned on what Eclii Ventures is doing at Qudos Technologies – we’re building top-notch technology for tomorrow’s future.” 

Taking the lead on marketing at Qudos, Michelle Doellman, the Marketing Director of Eclii Ventures, has tirelessly worked to inform the world about Qudos: “Qudos will change the world.” 

Lastly, Eclii Ventures Founder and Managing Director, Rich Gora, also the General Counsel of Qudos Technologies, says: “We’re so excited to build Qudos Technologies into what it is today.” 

For more information about Eclii Ventures, please contact:

Rich Gora: rich@ecliiventures.com

Bernie Burns: bernie@ecliiventures.com

Jack Trama: jack@ecliiventures.com

Michelle Doellman: michelle@ecliiventures.com


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