Rich Gora

Managing Director Founder
9 W. Broad St., Suite 550
Stamford, CT 06902
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Richard Rich Gora Eclii Ventures
Rich heads the Connecticut office of Eclii Ventures. 
He focuses on high-end legal issues, cryptocurrency and securities structuring for his roster of clients.
Rich is the founding partner of a securities and corporate law firm, Gora LLC.

Industry Specialities


Rich’s clients comprise a founder of Google Energy, private equity manager of upstream oil & gas,  and alternative energy technology providers. 


Rich has been advised over 15 companies on ICOs, utility token sales and regulations covering token exchanges, cryptofunds, miners, and MSBs.


Rich’s clients invested in Uber’s Series E valued at $40B, engage in equity and debt offerings in the hundred millions, and merger and acquisition structuring. 


Rich has advised technology companies in various sectors , ranging from FinTech, Pharma, Medical Devices, Consumer Goods and Aviation. 

Rich has become a thought leader on cryptocurrency, utility tokens, money services business and blockchain technology. He sits on the Board of Directors of a company engaging in an ICO for a blockchain ride sharing technology. 

  • Represented company on utility token offering for its ICO.
  • Counsel client on ICO issues.
  • Advise business on ICO and money services business license issues.
  • Counsel PBC on ICO issues and securities offerings.
  • Advise consultant of ICO issuers on ICO compliance issues and US operations.
  • Represent buyer of multi-million mining operation in Sweden and corporate issues.
  • Advise consultant of ICO issuer on advisory relationship and activities.
  • Advise clients on money services business and money transmitted licensing requirements under federal and state laws.
  • Render opinions on New York Bitlicense regulations.
  • Draft, review and comment on White Papers for blockchain technologies, ICOs, utility token offerings and cryptocurrency issues.
  • Strategic planning for ICO and utility token offerings.
  • Technical implementation of ethereum blockchain.
  • Advise on fund formations utilizing cryptocurrency trading strategies.
  • Advise on ETF issues for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
  • Advise on international ICO expansion to various countries, including, for example, Singapore, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Germany, Switzerland, Dubai, and Guernsey.
  • Advise on ICO and token sale for asset-backed tokens.
  • Advise on CFTC regulations for commodity deliveries, futures and options for bitcoin, ether and other cryptocurrencies.
  • Counsel client on forming fund for issuance of tokens to participate in ICOs and utility token sales.
  • Confidential investment in Uber’s Series E valued at $40 billion
  • $100 million convertible debt financing
  • $25 million redemption of founder stock
  • $3.5 million equity raise for Silicon Valley company
  • $4.5 million equity raise for Silicon Valley company
  • $5.2 million equity raise for Silicon Valley company
  • $15 million equity raise for technology company
  • $85 million equity offering
  • $20 million convertible debt financing
  • $1 million redemption
  • $3 million equity sale
  • $10 million equity offering
  • $1.5 million debt offering

Rich represents the former founder of (2011-2012) on cryptocurrency, ICO and utility token issues.

Rich’s clients have had successful exists, including to publicly traded company, such as Yahoo!

He’s counseled a member of the Rockefeller family on real estate investments and corporate governenace issues.

He’s represented a founder of Google Energy.

He’s advised affiliates of a founder of Uber.

He’s the chief counsel for the founder of a consumer product company valued at over $150M. 

He’s represented the former CFO of Lehman Brothers. 

Rich takes a practical and pragmatic approach to problems. He works hand-in-hand with management – as part of a long-term team member – so that the ultimate goal is at the forefront.