Ripple Did What?

Here is What is Happening at Ripple

Some prominent Ripple contemporaries have had their glorious moment in the spotlight. Now, Ripple, aka XRP, is the real deal. There are good reasons all investing eyes are on it. Here are some of the latest developments at Ripple:  

XRP’s Value Has Spiked

The digital currency’s value has been rising in the last few weeks. Naturally, this has stirred much interest in the investment world. XRP was trading at only $0.25 in December 2017. However, it moved to stand at $2.60 by the end of week one 2018.

The sharp rise in value catapulted Ripple’s market capitalization to more than $100 billion. Admittedly, Bitcoin’s market cap stands at over two times that of Ripple. Interestingly, XRP only needs to hit $7 to surpass Bitcoin’s market cap.

XRP Currently Listed on 50 Exchanges Globally

The digital asset market is expanding at a rapid rate. While the value of most digital assets has seen a sharp rise lately, XRP has emerged number one in the race. Additionally, the company’s platform, RippleNet, remains the most scalable on the market. Reliability, speed, and scalability explain the increasing demand for the cryptocurrency. XRP is now available on 50 exchanges.

Celebrating Ripple’s Fifth Anniversary

Ripple had a lot to celebrate in December 2017. The company grew 12,000 percent in just one year from 2016–2017. This incredible performance prominently positioned the company as the peerless leader of the digital asset pack.

In 2017, Ripple signed up its 100th RippleNet user. Over the same period, the company successfully organized its first Blockchain conference that featured prominent personalities such as Dr. Ben Bernanke, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, and Don Tapscott. Placing 55 billion XRP in an escrow account with cryptographic security was Ripple’s most notable achievement.

Leading the Payment Revolution

The company continues to engage with banks and other financial institutions as it pushes its way toward dominance in the payments market. Some critics’ argument that altcoins offer no value is evidently erroneous. The reason over 100 organizations with enormous reputations to protect use RippleNet is the solution offers them real value.

xCurrent is a great product which allows banks to instantly settle cross-border payments. The solution is revolutionizing the way funds move across markets. Additionally, the XRP Ledger that has been operating since 2012 completed tens of millions of updates without a hitch and can smoothly handle up to 1,500 transactions a second.

Ripple Goes for Top Talent

Zoe Cruz joined the board in late 2017. Cruz launched her illustrious banking career at Morgan Stanley in 1982. She fought hard on the tough banking world’s battlefield to become the head of fixed income, commodities and foreign exchange globally. Cruz also served as co-president for wealth management and institutional securities from 2005–2007. She brings a wealth of asset management experience.   

Ripple challenges Bitcoin’s dominance. The company’s performance has been phenomenal. The company continues to engage banks and other stakeholders as it positions itself as a formidable global payment solutions provider. It does seem like investing in XRP could be a good idea.


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